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                          Kids after school; Mondays 16.00-17.30 (term time)Ages 8+

                         Kids after school:Tuesdays 16.00-17.30 (term time) Ages 8+


                  Autumn half term 6x weeks starting 9th/10th September 2019 £90.00

                                                        Bring your own fabric




​​​​​​​​​​​​​I offer a range of classes for adults and children; 

  • Introductory workshops; ideal for beginners wanting to give sewing a try. Students are introduced to the basic skills and techniques of using a sewing machine through making a simple item such as a fabric bag,bunting, pin cushion or soft toy.

         Duration; two and a half hours

         Price; £30.00 Per session

         All materials provided.

Sewing Clubs; for beginners and people who want to improve their skills and confidence.Similar to the  workshop with more scope for practice and learning specialised skills. Expect to learn cutting from a commercial pattern, garment making with machine and some hand sewing.

​                            Adults; Monday mornings, 09.30 - 11.30 (term time)

​              Autumn half term 6x weeks starting 9th September 2019 £120.00

​                                                Bring your own fabric











   SEWING PARTIES : Have a sewing party with a small group of friends kids or adults.            Contact me for details and to book.
   ONE TO ONE ​TUITION :  £ 45.00 per hour contact to arrange




                                  All classes are held in my West Norwood studio










For more details on dates and times and to book a place please contact me.

email or call Cathy on 07946 252737